Should their be two prime minister per country???

Do you think that there should be two prime ministers per country???

We think that there should be two prime ministers per country.


We think this because it would be much better to have two because if people work together sometimes it can be better because it is not just one persons opinion it is both and if one person is making the wrong disision then the other person could correct them.

Should there be one girl and one boy???

Yes there should be because it is then not going to be leaning to one side it will be equal on both sides. You would also get to see how boys and girls see issues differently and how they fix them. We know that boys and girls think about different things and sort out problems differently and it would be really interesting to see how they are unique in their own ways.

What happens if if one quits???

Well if one prime ministern quits than we are not going to take the opportunity away from the other person we will just have to find a new prime minister to step in. They will obviously have to have some kind of backround with government.

If you want to become a prime minister what personality have you got to have???

Well if you are a prime minister you obviously have to be quite responsible because people might look up to you. You also have to act like a leader because you have to become a leader of a whole country so you need to know how to lead as it is a big responsibility.

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