Should The Royal Family express their political view publicly?

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As you may or may not know, The Royal Family have little influence in political decisions or voting and also do not voice their opinions about parliament. However, do you think they made the right choice to not express their political view publicly?

On one hand, if they shared their political views publicly, the citizens of the country may think that The Royal Family has some confidential information about political decisions being made and what is happening in parliament which hasn't been announced to the world. It may also cause some disagreements, as the members of the public could think they are favouring a specific party to win. Also in the long run if The Royal Family decided to support a particular party it may cause some interference later on in the future.

However on the other hand, if The Royal Family kept their opinions about politics private like they currently do, it would cause less controversy and would not cause any interference in political decisions or parliament.

In my opinion, I believe that The Royal Family made the right decision to keep their political views private because it allows the citizens of The United Kingdom to have their own opinions when it comes to voting or making a political decision. In addition, it would be biased to favour one party over another.

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