Should the NHS do more to prevent problems rather than waiting for them to arrive?

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If the NHS did more to prevent illnesses then they would not have to work as hard to treat them. If the NHS spent most of their time and effort to prevent illnesses and obesity then they wouldn't need to treat them. If the NHS made medicines or fitness training excercises then they would have less people to treat. This would mean the NHS spend less money and time on patients as well as preventing many illnesses across the UK. If the NHS dont want to be under so much stress, they could prevent the occourance of illness so they spend less money on treatment. For example: if the NHS found a cure for the corona virus how much easier would things be? But if they taught exersise classes then there could be less obesity and weight problems and the NHS would be under less stress. By doing this, they wouldn't have to tackle more diseases if they had a cure. This would be a very effective way to let the NHS be under less pressure as well as feeling more proud. The NHS would have som much less stress and if they found a cure, it would give them more time to plan for the future of the NHS as well as improving it. They could then sort out their issues with funding and money and make better and more deep-thought desiscions. At the moment the NHS have so much weight on their backs that doing this would lift the weight. This is a very effective to improve the NHS.


The NHS are under so much stress at the moment that they shouldn't have to try something new. The NHS would use up even more of their precious time to do this than it would be effective. Doctors and nurses around the word battle everyday to find cures to illness and most still havent. The point that needs to come across is that it is very unlikely for them to find cures so they would just end up buying more equipment and wasting more time to do this. They would end up wasting thousands if not millions of their money on doing this. As said earlier, it is so unlikely the will find a cure to a disease that they may-as-well not try. They are simply trying an impossible task that will just waste more of their money. They NHS already have multiple routines and are used to just attending patients. They would then have to unemploy many workers or employ many new ones to make this change which would just waste too much effort. The NHS will not be able to make this change or will have to do it over many decades. Some patients will also not like this change because they will not get as much attention as they normally would because the NHS would be concentrating on the more 'important' things. This is simply an impossible task that the NHS cannot perform.

In conclusion, It is a good idea to try find cure rather than just treat patients but as explained in the 'no' section would be quite impossible. Instead the could still focus mainly on their patients, but at the same time try and find a cure. They could do this over multiple years and eventually help the country very much. This is a good idea, but would be quite hard for the NHS to perform.



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  • global-conversation.png ethical_conversation | Irene Secondary School | Kenya
    23 Apr 2020

    Yes,they should do more to prevent problems rather than waiting,it would cause alot of running up and down and working hard which causes increase in population of those who are unwell if they take measures they can prevent it and have less patients in treating them.thus they should always be ready for anything instead of waiting to do it at the last moment.
    This is very effective to improve
    their NHS.
    It's good to find cure rather than treating patients inorder to prevent such illnesses.
    So they should take initiative to prevent millions of deaths to people in a given state.
    They should be ready for anything and prevent the illnesses.
    Thanks for reading

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  • global-conversation.png jolly_independence | Achimota Basic School | Ghana
    24 Apr 2020

    Yes, I also agree that the NHS should try to prevent problems rather than waiting for the problem to arrive . As the saying goes "A stitch in time saves nine." An example is this world known disease known as the coronavirus.If the president of Ghana had closed the boaders of Ghana ,the portugese who had been affected with the virus would not have been able to come to Ghana , but now that the coronavirus has started spreeding in Ghana it is impossible to stop. In a nutshell ,I think the NHS should try to prevent problems rather than waiting for it to arrive

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  • global-conversation.png invigorated_chicken | Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girl's School, Elelenwo | Nigeria
    12 May 2020

    Yes they should prevent problems rather than waiting for it to arrive because as they say prevention is better than cure.maybe they are under stress and have other things to solve but it is better to prevent it because it might become worse.For instance let me ask a question is it better to prevent covid19 or you wait for you to get the virus before you treat it.for me the answer is no.The NHS should educate people on how to stay healthy by doing that the patients and stress will is also the cheapest way because now money will be spent in teaching.
    If the NHS would provide a teaching place,to teach people how to eat nutritious food,exercise and so on I bet you that the patients and stress will reduce

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  • global-conversation.png willing_cockatoo | Mangi Sina Secondary School | Tanzania
    19 May 2020

    Yes, because prevention is better than cure

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