Should all major decisions go to a referendum

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Should all major decisions go to a public referendum?

Personally, I think all major decisions should go through a public referendum because it is going to effect the public anyway.

I think this because it is going to affect the public anyway so they should be responsible for their future. Also, maybe not always, the public have a better understanding of everything in the England because they’re the ones dealing with it all; like if the NHS was shutting down it would be mainly the public affected and they would be the only people who could understand how much it would have an impact on England.

Yet, I think the Queen should be informed of every need for voting in England because she is the oldest person in power in the world therefore, she knows how stuff goes and will make the best decisions. Also, she can do whatever she wants because she is on top of the law and that can be good because she can fire MPs, make decisions, start votes and more.

I hope that you understand what I am talking about and I hope this makes sense,

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