Should all Major Decisions Go To A Public Referendum?

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In the recent years there have been problems in parliament with not obeying the will of the people, by trying to organise votes within parliament to go back on the decision of the people. And so shouldn't all major decisions go to a vote?

In my opinion, all decisions should not go to the public because: we elect MPs to represent us and what we think and so why should we have MPs? If we vote for every decision. And there are many decisions that take place in parliament and so we would have to vote alot meaning that you have to stop your day in order to vote. This may cause a decline in people who vote, the people who already vote may grow sick of constantly voting and this will discourage the new voters as it will not be as common to always vote. Then, in very important votes such as the election or Brexit, people will not vote.

Not every person is as well-educated or as level-minded as politions and so, if every decision goes to the people they may vote for something that will have a detremental effect on the public, you may not think that a polition would put forward a bad option but a polition campaining for number 10 may put a decision in the hands of the public. Sometimes not the whole public are informed fully of what they are voting through biased newspapers and other sources.

I am not saying that no votes should be put into the hads of the public as Britain is a democracy and if no votes were given to the people then it would be more like a dictatorship. Which would not be fair as people pay tax into the country and so they should have a say in important matters but it would be to much of a hinderance to have to vote on all decisions and not everyone knows what they are voting for as not all decisions will be given the same media coverage as votes like Brexit, and so many will go with what they have always voted and not forming their own decisions. Though many recent decisions by parliament have proved to be controversial wevoted for the members of parliament to represent us.

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