Should all major decisions go to a public referendum?

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Every decision, every thought, and every action a politician makes, will be criticised by someone, somewhere. Politicians will always get the decisions wrong in someone’s eyes; so, should all major decisions go to a referendum?

Some people want all major decisions to go to a public vote, here is what they might be thinking…

  • We should vote as all decisions will be made legally and fairly,
  • We should all get a say in everything, after all we are living in this country,
  • Politicians always make wrong decisions, causing outrage and chaos,
  • Politicians take advantage of their power.
  • We should be able to suggest and vote on what we want, rather than being ignored by our local MPs.

Other people want parliament to stay the same, for politicians to keep making the decisions, here is what they might be thinking…

  • The public will, more often than not, make the wrong decisions or put forward random issues,
  • Politicians will not like the decisions the public make, forcing themselves to resign. An example of this is, David Cameron resigning after the original Brexit referendum.
  • If this were to happen it could split families up, as they have different opinions. Again, like Brexit.
  • Politicians are doing a perfectly good job anyway.
  • If the public were to vote for everything, the country could get out of hand.

I believe, the country should stay as it is. If people were to vote, the bullet points above would become a reality. MPs and politicians are qualified at their jobs, and most of them (not all!) do it well. Politicians will always make mistakes and wrong decisions but, everyone is human so they are bound to make to.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Hammond School logo genius_chocolate | Hammond Junior School B
    13 Feb 2020

    I think that yes, all major decisions should be decided by the public because we are the people living in the country, not just the prime minister. So yes we should get our say in the votes.
    Here are my reasons why I think this:
    . It is fair if everyone gets there say because it is not just one person living in the country it is everyone and we need to make sure that most of the people living in the world are happy about our decisions.
    . Politics and prime ministers could make the wrong decision. We sometimes need to say what we think to change there mind a little bit.
    So yes I do think that we need to let the public have their say but at the same time maybe it would cause less fuss if the PM just made the decision. For example we would not have to erange general elections which would be more easier. Also if we don't have them the news reporter could stop talking about prime ministers they could start talking more about the dangers in life and climate change or for example the koalas and animals in Australia getting injured. So overall I have got mixed opinions on this.

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    1. Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg composed_guitar | Faringdon Community College
      genius_chocolate's comment 16 Feb 2020

      Thanks for your opinion! It is very interesting to see what others believe, weather that is for or against this topic.

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