Should all major decisions go to a public referendum?

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The main principle of referendums for any government is if you are the one who called or started one, you had better be certain you are going to win. Because if you don’t, the political costs for both the leaders responsible and the country at large are often massive.

Personally, I think that all major decisions should go to a public referendum so that the public get to make the decisions on THEIR country and so that not everything relies on the government and their decisions. The public should be the ones to decide not some famous person that is “important”. Everyone should get a say in the conclusion of our country and be able to make the decisions. I think that any decision parliament comes up with should be put to the public. For example, if we were thinking of building the HS2 (the new railway line that goes from Leeds and Manchester down to Birmingham) then we should all get a say in the decision. At the moment the government makes all minor and major decisions, but the public gets very little say, except in the large referendums. It would mean that everything would be democratic, and the United Kingdom is known for its democratic beliefs. The bad things about this though are these: the power might go to the top of the public’s head, and they might stop a good idea for Britain or start a bad one and the public may revolt and make an unrealistic decision that could catapult the UK into chaos. But this system would, as I said earlier, make the UK more democratic.

I think that all major decisions should be taken to a public vote because, yes the constituencies are supposed to be

represented by their MPs but some people didn’t vote for that particular MP so their views will be erased. All major decisions should go to a public vote as we would benefit from the people voting as

everyone would get a say.

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