Power of the PMs


My artwork (which is the picture) is all about the power of the prime ministers. I have also included Brexit and general election in my art work.

My key idea and concept link because I used prime minister and power and a prime minister needs power.

I have shown this in my art work by adding confetti around Boris Johnson to make him stand out, also the flag makes him stand out.

I have tryed to use red,white and blue in my art because they stand out and they also match the England flag. Also on the colour wheel red and blue are opposite so they go well together.

I have chosen to do the flag because I feel like it makes the picture stand out more.

I have learnt that politics and prime ministers must have quite a hard life because if they make a tiny mistake it gets published in a news paper.

I would like my audience to realise that PMs are trying to do all they can,when they look at my art.

I would call my art work the power of PMs because I really think it shows the power inside of them.

Thankyou for reading and looking at my art. I hope you liked it.

By genius_chocolate

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