Power is for all


My artwork is about power and your own choice to symbol that politicians have a lot of power, but not as much as the priminister and that people do not have that much power, but they do have their own choice. My key concept is power and my key idea is your own choice, these link together by showing that we are not a dictatorship country and we are allowed to say what we think about the government and by using their power to let us do that. I think I have shown this in my artwork by using: a speech bubble, a symbol to represent power, a sign which explains that you should follow your own choices and I have used triangles to represent the amount of power people have. I have used pasific colours to represent different people, as I have used red for the priminister as red is a strong powerful colour, I have used gold for polititions as gold is a big bold colou and finally I have used blue for the members of general public. I have used images/symbols to show one of the news concepts by showing that people do not have a lot of power, but not all the time. I think that I have learnt that politicians have a lot of power and I other people should know that too. I want people to feel happy when peolple see my artwork, because they have their own choice and what they believe the country is doing. I am going to call my artwork, 'Power is for all.'



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