power hole


power my art work is about a hole on the white sid ther people stake in the hole and ther curying and shouting help on the left side ther people stake in the hole and called 999 so then they can get out you have the power to do broth of them things ther no whit or wong you have the power to do more then you thing some times mean dont just cury my art work sows you got power to do things even children have alittle bet of power every one do even a baby how word i like people to feel when they see my art work well i what them to feel how they what people to feel about ther posts my post is aportent because people will see this and people murt not sit in the coner a cury or do something is bad by bad i mean not doing someing about it means people murt not do anything about a big thing and it murt stop that but it no aportent because it murt make people dell with the most little is things oh and no ones puthekt not even me or my fameily never is your fameily or you my post is about power power like rusponser beley

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