Power and PM (illustration final piece)


Power and PM

This post is about power and PM (prime minister). In my art, I have chose a sunset, I have chose this because in a sunset it has different colours. Eg. Pink,purple,yellow,orange and red. In This I thought the darkest colour-red in mine- attracts the most eyes. I have referred this to voting in a general election, the colours that lead up to red are the other parties but they aren't as strong and genuine. For example, orange leading up to red is the opposition party: Labour. Red is the conservatives, they attracted the most people just how red attracts the most eyes. The sun also refers to solar POWER. It is the government, they are above the PM but also have to go by the rules they set.

Theese are some of the parties I included in my sunset,

Yellow-Scottish National Party



Purple-Change UK

Pink-Brexit Party

Thanks for reading, This was based on a landscape about Power and PM.

Jolly_duck ☺️

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