Politics and the effect on the meadia and the people!!!!


I have baced my art work on how nearly all the media is focused around MPs, PMs and politics in general. My main reasoning is because lots of people can have a very strong opinions on a subject but they are not always poticuly understanding of others oppinions. Those people with a strong opinion can sometimes be doubtful of there own thoughts, due to lots of people with a bias oppinion (people that only belive in there oppinion and there side.)

So my art work is about a person that is not in politics, and all the bias things being said about the leaders on any type of media. The head represents the endless circle that the media is constantly revolving around over and over and over but never stoping!!!

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    13 Feb 2020

    A very striking and original artwork, buzzing_wasp. I'm interested in how the endless circle of the media can ever be broken. Do you have any suggestions?

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