POLITICIANS HAVE POWER:Responsibility by dynamic_weaver

My peice of artwork reprosents Borris Johnson (the Prime Minister) and how he has the power and how he is responsible to help the country and make it the best we can.

In the picture it shows how Borris Johnson is getting fed up and angry with the complaints from the public.

The families are complaining about their dificulties in life and how they could be changed:

  • One family is complaining about how they don’t earn enough money to feed their family because they can’t find the right job .The mother even mentioned that she came straight from work just to tell the PM!
  • A man and his daughter are complaining about how they have nowhere to stay because their house had been flooded. Even the little girl seemed concerned!
  • In the background there are people protesting about how the Prime Minister should be responsible!

I hope that when other people look at this picture they understand the meaning of it.I spent a lot of time and effort in this and I hope everybody likes it!

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