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The title of this post, as you may have noticed, is the title of this Issue but mixed up a bit. This is because the question I am asking in this post is do politicians deserve privacy? as there are mixed opinions, both with equally conclusive answers. My opinion is that they do deserve privacy like everybody else, and this post will explain why I think that, along with some opinions I have read in various articles.

Do Politicians Deserve Privacy?

In short, they do, but I think this question is deeper than that, and I will explain why. If a politicians' secret is revealed, then some people will see it as a downside and it could cause them to not vote for them, purely because of the secret that, until know, was unknown. Voters, however, should think about a MPs politicial beliefs, and how they will benefit the country since it doesn't matter what has happened in the past when the politician has probably changed from what they were back then. It's okay if a politician wants to keep a secret secret for that reason and so they can stay relevant as a respected and well-known MP. Some people think that politicians are part of the general public, so they can are allowed to have their privacy. While I do agree that politicians are allowed their privacy, I don't agree that they're part of the general public because they are the ones making important decisions relating to anything.

Why do People Think Otherwise?

It isn't wrong to think this, as you could have lots of evidence to support your claim, it's just not my opinion. This is because people want to know what is going on with politicians and they might get to eager and forget about human, and subsequently, politician rights. They want to know about everything in the media and push to know more but sometimes it is best to keep yourself to yourself since it can come across rude by meddling in other people's business. But some people don't just get caught up in the moment, they have always wanted to know everything about politicians. This is where it becomes not acceptable to know about other people's lives. If you constantly want to see what other people are doing it seems like you can't stop yourself and you will do anything to find out more, even if sometimes the information you find is unaccurate. But not having privacy can't just mean other people finding out about it. A lot of people have opinions including reasons why they think, in becoming a politician, a sacrifice of privacy is made, I sort of agree. All "secrets" about work have to be revealed, otherwise the MP is becoming to secretive over their past events.


In short, I think politicians deserve privacy to some extent, but they do have to share anything relating to work as it could be important information to help even other politicians. Do you agree/disagree with me? Write a comment saying why or you can add any other information I have missed.



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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    17 Feb 2020

    Well done for outlining the two sides to this debate. I have another question - do the actions in a politician's private life ever require sharing with the public?

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    1. Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg memorable_orchard | Michael Faraday School
      Tom @ the BNC's comment 17 Feb 2020

      Well, you would need to have objectivity, the reason for us to know has to be for a good cause. However, politicians are more or less a celebrity since the whole country knows their names, and privacy would be the last thing in the world for a celebrity to have. The paparazzi do not do it for a good cause but still do it anyway, so it may not be fair for it to happen to a politician but it still happens to them.
      Personally, it is wrong for us to know everything a politician does as they do need personal space space just like we need us. In addition, politicians are humans too so it would be illogical to think that their life can't have the same things we have in our lives. Overall, we should give politicians let politicians have some time for themselves.

      Thank you for reading.

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