Politicians and Power

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    13 Feb 2020

    Thank you for this wonderful piece of music! You have clearly put a lot of effort into making it - can you explain the meaning behind it and link to the concepts?

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    1. Cowes-logo-250x250.jpg Cowes Enterprise College
      Tom @ the BNC's comment 19 Feb 2020

      My piece is called Politicians in Power. It is based on the concepts of opponents and power. The clarinet represents the opponents to the PM's party. Towards the beginning of the piece they are timid. I represented this by making the clarinet quiet whilst the other two instruments (a bassoon to represent the speaker and a trumpet to represent the PM's party) are playing louder. Throughout the music the trumpet and clarinet repeat a phrase the other instrument had played but slightly differently to show their disagreements. Occasionally the speaker interrupts as the call and response between the clarinet and trumpet becomes heated. Every time the two instruments begin again the clarinet becomes slightly more confident and so it becomes slightly louder until, at the end of the piece, it is the same volume as the trumpet and bassoon. in contrast to the that, the two opponents had finally come to a decision and are playing in harmony with another.

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