Politicians and Power Artwork


My artwork is about the government having a responsibility to fund the NHS. I have shown this in my artwork by there being someone ill in bed in a hospital. This shows that if the government funded the NHS, lots of the people would not be ill as they would have the medicine to treat them. I have used the colour green for the cross as it is the health sign and lets people know that the building it is on is either a hospital, a pharmacy or a shop that sells medicine. I would call my artwork ' Sick People Are Suffering ', as it goes well with what my artwork represents. When people look at my art, I would like them to feel sorry for all the people who are dying from illnesses, which would be easy to cure if the NHS had enough money. I have used the green cross because it is the health sign and shows the concept of my artwork. My concept and idea link together as the government has a responsibility over lots of things.

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