My price of artwork, on politics


My artwork is about voting, in the way that it helped Boris Johnson in the general election and helped him get more votes ad followers . In the back round there is a man that is David Cameron i put this because he is the one who started brexit and this whole political saga.

The big arrows are to show the leaders who have lots of power or the leaders of the party's that speak in parliament and the meadium sized diamonds show those people who don't have as much power as the leaders but have enough power to have a separate shape and last but not least the smaller dimonds are the followers and people who voted for each party

I have used red and blue because they represent the Concervative party and Labour Party which are the two main party's in brexit and everyone probably knows them so I thought instead of confusing everyone I would use the main ones.

thank you for reading this piece of work and if you like it or think that I could improve then please comment also I wouldn't of done it with out determined_shrimp because he gave me the idea of doing this type of drawing.


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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    12 Feb 2020

    A striking image, adventurous_tennis, and well done for bringing in knowledge from the BNC, too.

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