My political cartoon: 'Vote or Suffer'

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My political cartoon is about voting- my key idea- and justice- my key concept. I have linked these two together by thinking about countries in which voting is compulsory, such as Australia, and where people can be sent to prison if they don’t vote in an election. In the UK we have a choice whether or not we want to use our vote, though everyone over the age of 18 is encouraged to, but in countries such as Australia, Belgium and Singapore voting is enforced. If justice is defined as fair behaviour or treatment, I would question whether or not this was the case in enforced compulsory voting.

I think compulsory voting is not a good idea, as although there will be a high voting turn out, many people will be voting because they have to rather than because they believe in what they are voting for. There will also be cases where people with no political understanding are voting and these people may end up voting on the basis of who they like rather than who would be a better leader. Enforced compulsory voting is, in my opinion, even worse. I would, in fact, go as far as to say it is completely wrong. If you are forced to make a decision, you might not make the right one and the wrong votes can affect everyone across a country in a negative way.

In my opinion, freedom of speech includes the right to say nothing and if people want to abstain from voting for whatever reason, they should be allowed to. Getting put in prison because you have not voting, using your freedom of speech to make that decision, is unjust and discriminatory.

My political cartoon shows a man behind bars with a confused expression on his face. He is (rightly, in my opinion) saying that ‘it isn’t fair’ for him to be in prison just because he didn’t vote, with the person who made the decision stating that ‘it is the law’.

I would like my audience to feel shocked when they look at my cartoon, as enforced compulsory voting might be something that some people are unaware of. I also want people to realise how lucky we are in the UK to have both the opportunity and the choice to use our vote to have our say.

I would call my cartoon ‘Vote or Suffer’ because the person in the picture has, consciously or unconsciously, made the decision to abstain from voting and is being punished as a result.

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