My Political Cartoon: The Fight For Justice

My political cartoon is all about leaders- my key ideas- and power- my key concept. They link because leaders usually have a lot of power, which they may or may not use for the good of the people they represent.

My cartoon depicts an outwardly powerful leader who is boastful about how much power he holds. It also depicts the people he represents who are not happy with his leadership but don’t have the power to do anything about it.

I have shown this in my artwork by making the leader big and central to the cartoon to represent how much power he has in comparison with the rest of the people. The people he represents are much smaller as they don’t have enough power to do anything about his poor leadership. These people are writing their opinions on boards and holding them up to show how they are feeling, which represents their freedom of speech in a democracy. However, they are not big enough or powerful enough to turn their written thoughts into speech and therefore challenge the poor leadership that is going on around them.

I have used black and white colours for my cartoon to represent the lack of hope that the people have about their ability to change their leader, with splashes of red to represent their anger and need for justice (I see red as a powerful colour).

During this issue of BNC, one thing that I have learnt about politics is that it can be very unfair. Politicians can have so much power that it can be difficult for people to do anything about the bad things they are doing, even in countries that are democratic. Even in countries where everyone has freedom of speech and the ability to vote, it can be difficult to make a change and to make your voice heard. In the UK, we are lucky enough to be able to vote for what we believe in and have our say in the way that the country is run. However, in some countries such as North Korea and China this is not the case. This is what I have tried to show in my political cartoon. The leader is all-powerful and, despite making a number of bad decisions, the people are powerless to stop him as they do not live in a democracy.

I believe that people in every country around the world should have rights and the power to have their say in what happens to their country. I want everyone to live a life of justice, where voting is fair and leaders are elected on the basis of their beliefs and goals for the country. We have spoken a lot in our BNC sessions about the UK’s method of voting (FPTP) and how it is not representative, but at least we have the opportunity to vote. I wanted to do this cartoon to show that we are lucky that we can make our voices heard, as this is not always the case.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    14 Feb 2020

    Good reasons for your artistic choices - well done! Do you think there is a better democratic system than first past the post?

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