My political cartoon: Responsibilities First

My political cartoon is based around the Government, my key idea, and responsibility, my key concept. These link together because every leader has lots and lots of different responsibilities which they have to constantly juggle on a daily basis to keep the country running effectively and to keep everyone happy.

We have talked a lot in this issue of BNC about politicians and how they are often seen as useless or bad at their jobs but I think their job is much more difficult that we often think and that many politicians are probably doing the best they can. A bad leader, like the leader depicted in my cartoon, would simply ignore their responsibilities and leave people unhappy but I’m not sure that this is what actually happens in the majority of cases. I believe that it is more that leaders struggle to balance their many responsibilities rather than them not trying at all.

In my political cartoon, the politician is sleeping in his office whilst all his responsibilities are building up around him. This leader is being irresponsible and ineffective and is leaving the people he represents to feel angry and upset, as depicted by the expressions on their faces.

I wanted people to feel shocked by this cartoon and to see how being responsible and dedicated is such an important part of leadership. I also wanted people to see what could happen if leadership of a country was not effective and if the leader did not take responsibility for the issues facing his country. People in the UK have the opportunity to vote for the people that represent them and I believe it is important for them to take into consideration how good a person will be at juggling their responsibilities and prioritising the things that are important when they are making the decision of who to vote.

I have decided to name my cartoon ‘Responsibilities First’ because if a leader doesn’t take care of his responsibilities, it will lead to unhappiness, anger and disillusionment in the people who have voted for him.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    14 Feb 2020

    Great explanation! To what extent do you think the media are responsible for the public's view on politicians?

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