My artwork.


My artwork is about responsibility and President. Although this may look a bit like Donald Trump, it isn't. It is a random person that I drew who is meant to be the President of USA. In my drawing, it shows how he has to be responsible enough for saying something that boring that the audience fell asleep. The way that the 2 main focuses in this drawing link is through a President taking responsibility for a very bad speech. I have shown this by showing that the audience fell asleep quite clearly. The colours I have used are the main colours you would see in a breaking news show on BBC news.

The one thing that I have learnt about politics is that it is not all bad. When I first saw politics as our topic, I didn't want to go on Burnet News Club during this topic. I have actually got a few stars doing this so it isn't that bad.

People should like it because it is a drawing about politics and why it doesn't have a purpose in 100% of the worlds life. My title would be drawing politics.

I am sorry that the drawing is dodgy so please don't criticise can comment on something else about my drawing.

Thanks for reading.

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