Media + Responsibility


My drawing is supposed to represent media and responsibility and I chose the Twitter bird to represent the media. The pound sign in its eyes is to show how the media is all about making money. The angry face is to symbolise how the media can cause people to get angry at one wrong thing you post and the tear drop is to symbolise how the media can make people sad at the slightest thing. The wall is to say that you can be blocked because of what you post (say you posted something offensive, that could get blocked). I chose the Chinese symbol for hate because if you post something that someone else doesnt agree with, it could cause hate and anger. I decided to draw scales to represent suicide.The blue side is supposed to show the people in power (cyber bullies) and the red side is supposed to show the victoms. It’s on a uneven scale because the bullies have more power than anyone else and bulling can cause suicide. The thought bubble to say you need to think about anything and everything you post.

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