Media and Power


Power and The Media

I have drawn a cake, each filling represents a different group of people. On the bottom layer (the one with red circles) respresents children, and people who cannot vote or are never heard. I have chosen the colour red, because red is usually a colour of anger and stress. Many children are under pressure, mainly beacause they have no power over what's going on around them. This is why they are at the bottom layer, because we cannot vote for our opinions. I have made them circles, because if you get a sphere, and place it down, it just rolls away, this shows how children are thought of as always needing an adult to assit us.

The second layer consists of orange squares. This layer represents the adults and careers, and ones who can vote. I have made them orange, because they can vote, so they are being heard, but they are still under a lot of pressure. This could be because they think that their leaders decisions are going to make their life harder, or their children lives harder. They are squares because squares can stay up straight, they are stronger than circles and can stop them from rolling away into the wrong desicions.

The third layer has one yellow triangle. This represents our Prime Minister. I have made him a triangle, since they are the strongest shapes, and can hold up buildings, in this artwork, they can hold up the reputation. I have made it yellow because they can be under pressure, but also can make their own decisions. This is also yellow because in a traffic light, yellow - or amber- means getting ready to go. You may have noticed that in that same layer, is a rusty key, and at the top of the paper, is a lock. This shows that the Prime Minister has the power to convince everyone that he is right, but the key is rusty because some people will always believe the media, which brings me on to my last paragraph.

I have put the media on top, because it has the power to influence, and change people's minds. This shows my key concepts and ideas, because the media is powerful. People will always believe what it tells us, which is why we need to use sceptism.

Thank you for reading my description of this image.

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