Make the world peaceful with DEMOCRASY!

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My glamorous piece of art work shown above is a picture of importancy. This image that I drew is of our country leader, he is the one and only Borris Johnson. My image represents democracy. Democrasy is the best way to make things fare. For example if there is a jeneral election it is always a fare test. This is a figure of democrasy. What I am trying to express to you is that they make it so everyone gets to show there opinion , how they think the world should be ruled and also there opinion in anything not just the law the or the government in everything such as: who should be it in a game, who should be team captain and school councilers. This is is the farest possiblewayto show your opinion and what you think.Thank you for taking you time to read my importaint message about the most usefull thing on Earth.

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