Loyalty and kindness


My artwork is about loyalty and power that MPs should be more kind and have more power.

My key idea and concept together that your Mp should love youre country and awalys be happy. MP or PM should be fair in all ways, solve problems quickly , listen to their country and do whats right for them and not them self. I have shown my artwork by three hearts the red and pink and the big rainbow to be fair and loyal also the two men drown underneath the rainbow are happy because the one in the blue jacket is the PM and is giving his big heart to the poor person and he is showing loyalt.

I have used pink and red for the heart because the red one shows more power than the other two ones the big rainbow is showing fairness and kindness. I have learnt that politics can not have their own rights not do things what they want to do and they can not harm other members of the countr. I think other people should know this because they might get into a situation like this picture. I want people to feel proud and loyalty in them to! And also help poor people with money and food. I would call my artwork loyalty and kindness and I feel like they should care about what their country not them.

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