Living in a Democracy


My piece is about democracy and how it can affect different people living in one.

At the bottom of the page, there are many people because in a democracy everyone can have a say, no matter how high up in society you are. The people are black and grey without any features because your vote is allowed to be a secret and you don't have to tell anyone. Also, nobody is allowed to force you into a democracy.

However, there are politicians above them to show that, even though we have the vote, it is their responsibility to get what we want done with. Because we can't be going into parliament moaning every day about what we happened. A good example of this would be Brexit, because we voted to leave and parliament strived to get it done with and they didn't stop until it was.

I want my audience to see that we only get so much power with democracy but we should be happy with what we've got because the world wouldn't be a happy and just place if one small group of people decide everything for us.

I have called my piece: Living in a Democracy

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