Leadership : Responsibility over the world


Our artwork portrays leadership and responsibilities. We think that our key idea and our concept links together for if you are, or want to be, a leader a myriad of faces will look up to you. Also you need to be responsible for your actions, people as well as the planet.

We have shown leadership and responsibility in our image by using a yellow figure (the leader) on top of the world, meaning he is responsible for the world and the people around it.

We have used the colours green, white and blue as they symbolize nature, humanity and peace. We have also used the colours silver and gold as they are both strong colours but have different priorities. Gold is the strongest colour as it has the most power whereas silver is a strong colour but not AS powerful as gold but is still important.

During the formation of our illustration we have understood that not all politicians can be trusted or responsible for what they say or do. So when reading this description, we want our audience to feel as if they are able to supervise the world and not expect anyone else to do it for them because you never know when you’ll need help as well.

We have named our artwork ‘Leadership: Responsibility over the world.’ As we feel the leader has responsibility over world.

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