Leadership comes with power


My artwork is about leadership - the key idea - alongside the key concept , which is power.

My key idea and concept link together , as when someone is a leader they also gain controle of lots of power , which forces them to make important decisions , that can consequently affect the entire population.

I have shown this in my artwork by drawing the most important people bigger (such as the Prime Minister) and the less important people smaller . Another way I have shown this is by shading less important people lighter , whilst the more important are darker .

I have chosen the colours light grey, grey and black , as they are all monochrome colours , and from my perspective it is simpler and easier to understand .

I have used the symbol that symbolists people, as they are the ones voteing for a certain party or decision to be made.

I have learnt that a Prime Minister is not a dictator , and every constituency can vote , and that to be a good leader , you have to use your power to the best of your ability . I think that people should know this because everyone will get a chance to be some form of leader in their life (even if it's not a Prime Minister).

I want people to feel like they have someone to look up to when they look at my artwork, but I don't want them to feel like they are not important enough to have a say.

In conclusion,if I had to give my artwopark a name, I would probably call it , leadership comes with power.

Thankyou for reading


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