Leadership and power

Politicians and Power - Featured Image 2

In the middle of my paper there are two large hands.These hands represent the leader, as you can see the leader has the earth painted on his hands, he/she is in charge of the whole word. The water at the side represents bad decisions that the leader could make. If he/she makes bad decisions (touches even just a little bit of water) then the world will suffer (the colour will wash away). if a leader makes a bad desicion then the rest of his followers and the people he/she needs to care for would be affected by his choice.You can see the two small people who sit on the leaders fingers.The reason they are blue is because they have zero power and they need to rely on the person they voted for to make the right choice, now that the people know that he/she is about to make the wrong deciction and he/she are about to wash their hands they are angry and upset and regret voting for him/her.The boy is telling him not to dip his hands in the river on the right side, but the leader won't listen because the leader has "total power".

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