Justin Trudeau : Was what he did right?

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-this post may offend some people, if it does, you dont need to finish reading it-

Who Is Justin Trudeau?

Jusin Trudeau is Canadas Prime Mister, he was titled the role in 2015, and was leader of the Liberal Party since 2013. He was born on the 25th of December 1971 which makes him 48 years old. His wife is Sofie Trudeau, and his children are Ella-Grace Margaret Trudeau, Xavier James Trudeau and Hadrien Trudeau.

(this is an image of Justin Trudeau)

What did he do?

As our BNC lesson card said, Justin Trudeau wore brown face makeup to a party at his school dance, he was the teacher. It was an Arabian Nights themed gala, and he wore a turban, with his hands and nech covered. This happened in 2001, but was rememberd in a general election last year, 2019.

Why is what he did consider bad?

Many people in my class perticulaly have been debating whether this is acceptable or not. We discussed how back in 2001, this may have been considered okay, since Canada has chamged over the years, however, some people still thought that is was utterly unacceptable.They said it was racist while some said it was just a costume.

Personally, I think that this is unacceptable to do nowadays, but I can understand how it mah have been noraml to do in the past. As some people say, its like puttingon a costume, but if somebody did it now, I dont think they would be saying the same. Some people say it is still disgraceful , escepicaly since he was the teacher.

I think this was wrong, what do you think? Say your thought in the comments.


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