Justice is Served - Power

For my final piece I decided to express what Justice is to me. Justice is the law of being fair to those that earned it. Justice doesn't mean everyone gets treated with respect. It means that those opposing innocence will be held to consequences, but those on the proposition of innocence and tolerance aren't objected to failed judgement. Justice is the correct way of showing formal treatment to the ones who deserve it. This drawing tells us that Justice rains down globally whether wanted or not. It shows which of each community gets respect and treatment formally instead of instant judgement.

Not only one can control how Justice works. The law of Justice was agreed to by many others of importance, so its just fair the law is legal worldwide. If one decided how Justice works, the terms of it would be broken already. All are treated with Justice for a reason. To be equal. Justice is served for every race and every kind. Criminals will not be praised due to the laws of Justice and Democracy. All being treated fairly is the law of True Justice. The droplets represent people, the heart of droplets shows respect and the bin represents the consequences for the actions commited by people. That is what I think Justice is.

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