Jeremy Corbyn Stepping Down, Right or Wrong?

Jeremy Corbyn is stepping down from being Labour leader. Corbyn has helped the labour party find its true values of socialism and brought Labour back to its traditional values. Yes, it may not have won an election, but he has stuck to his values and ideals of which many members of the Labour Party share. Why should someone so true stand down? Surely, he should be put to a vote of confidence by the party? What are your thoughts?

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School intrepid_hurricane | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    24 Jan 2020

    In a newspaper I recently read, I came across a section headed 'Labour frets over the anointed one: has 'Becky' got the backbone to succeed Corbyn? 'and I read that Rebecca Long Bailey was someone who could replace the current leader. However, the Labour Party was worried that 'Becky' lacked experience, popularity and dynamism, not making her the best person, but I think that Jeremy Corbyn stepping down is a good choice because it gives another person a chance to become a leader. If Corbyn did not step down, nobody else would be able to gain an opportunity to become popular or gain any further knowledge or experience working in a higher qualification with Labour.
    Finally, Corbyn lost an election first to Theresa May and now, Boris Johnson, loosing an advantage for Labour to become the party in power. Because he has lost twice already, voters have lost faith in him and so I believe that he should step down.

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