‘Is behaviour on the media taken seriously by politicians’


Is politicians behaviour responsibilities taken seriously on the media?

Firstly, I have chosen the media for my key idea. The media is things such as televisions, newspapers and political interviews. For my concept, I have chosen responsibilities. Responsibilities is when someone has something to do and if they do not do it or something goes wrong, they will be responsible.

I think they link together because politicians in the public eye have an immense responsibility on behaviour. If they have poor, behaviour the people who admire them will not anymore.

I have drawn a politician (with the red tie) being interviewed by a news reporter (in the blue suit). I have drawn this because I think they should be asked if they take their responsibilities seriously when being interviewed. I have used red for the tie to show he is the politician and he is high in the country. As red is a strong and powerful colour. I have used dark blue and black for the suits, as they are a common colour for suits. I have used microphones news reporter use so whoever takes a glimpse at this picture can understand that there is someone being interviewed and there is a news reporter interviewing the person.

The title I would give my artwork is ‘Is behaviour on the media taken seriously by politicians’

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