In what role do you have more responsibility : Power or Democracy Part 1

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Welcome to my episode of

It's your opinion!

Today we will be talking about when do you have more responsibilty. When you are in power or when you have your say( A.K.A Democracy). We will be starting of with other peoples opinions but if you want to share your opinion, remember to share it in the comments so i can mention them in the next episode. Lets get started.

What is Democracy?

Many people say it in a really long way but to sum it up it is having your say. You usually have your say when you are voting otherwise it won't be fair on the people that didn't get a chance to vote. You would usually have your say in other times but i just used this as a example.

What is Power?

Lets say it with a simple answer... a leader. Most of the time your leader (E.G The Queen,Primenister ,President, Politician) is the person "telling"*( go to bottom of page to find out what I mean by this) you what to do. Your leader in are case Borris Johnson is the person that was voted by people who had their say.

Now to the BIG question!

When do you have more responsibility: When your in power or when you have Your say?

I personally think it is when you have your say because it is your responsability to make sure when you choose something it is what you think about not what other people tell you to do.If you want to give both sides of the argument feel free to right what you want I won't be telling you to rethink what you are thinking.

*= not literally telling you what to do but choosing what they think should happen.

Remember to give your opinion so I can do add it in part 2:)

Thank you for reading this


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