If I could change one thing in politics in England

If I could change one thing I would change...

I would change how children can not vote, due to that when adults vote they are not just making a decision for then selves they are making a critical decision for there children, because when you want to vote on changing Britain it is your child’s future lays in the balance.

Im saying this because for exampe your child is 16 years old and he understands how politics works but he has a very strong opinion on a subject, but you think differently and you get to vote not him. Voting was established in 1838 and that was only for men but we have evolved to let wemen vote in 1918 so why can’t we evolve further to let children vote in 2020 the year for the young adults. It is a very low chance but we should be recognised like in the 1900 we reconised the suffragettes for there commitment and hard work please recognise us for our hard work and our commitment. Also do you want you children in the future potentially ruined by your vote.

thank you for taking the time and effort to read this post

by buzzing_wasp and aticulate_elephant

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