How should we out politicians to account?

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On my last post I did something where I walked around my house and got my family’s opinion on politicians and power(Including me).I got a few comments and one of them suggested I should do another one but us answering the question how should we put politicians to account so I will be talking about the ramifications lieing as a politician would be.Here are some of my family’s opinions.

mum “I think if they do something wrong then they should be publicly investigated.”

my sister “I think they should should have the same consequences that every else has and not have special treatment just because they are a politician.”

me “I think other people should know about,let it go and give them another chance.”

Dad I think they should lose their job because they are supposed to be responsible for the whole world .

Now we know some other people’s opinions I would like to hear yours in the comments below.

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