How much money should leaders get?

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Leaders income is used for specific reasons or to invest the money on something important.There income could be gargantuan amounts or minute amounts depending on how they behave,popularity and the indecisive/decisive choices they make.That is not the only reasons but in this case/topic it's agreeable that it is true.How much money should leaders get?(quite ironic of me saying that.)

Numerous leaders have used government money and spent it on there self.Now that can affect the amount of money they get because they could be impeached or be in court.Also the information will be sent to the government which may be against his expectations,circumstances or rules.In that case should they actually get absolute shocking amounts or minute amounts.Now depending on local citizens opinions or other great reasons should it really affect there income?

I think no because it doesn't link to they earnings or income also what if they have invested the money on something important that is for a good cause or reason that can affect the area in a better way,however citizens can disagree with this unless they can explain why.It can affect they income because it could be against the governments decision or expectation in whether they disagree for that to happen or they don't think it will affect the area in a good way.Potentially,if the local authorities or residents disagree it could result in the government agreeing with them which rarely happens.Furthermore,it is the governments choice if he wants his decision to result in happening it could cause more commotion,strikes and protests around the area.

I think they should get equal incomes because if they collaborate and work together they can raise money to boost poor countries environment and safety.If that happens it can sky rocket their earnings,social life,popularity and possibly their lifestyle.

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