How is politics affecting normal people's lives?

Politics is the main thing that BNC are talking about but people aren't talking about how it is affecting our lives bit by bit.

Even if we try to ignore politics, it influences much of our world. For the people that want to know about politics, they are probably happy. Reason? It is the main headline in the newspapers and on to news, it also gets discussed wherever you go. Politics is gigantic for the wrong reasons. It destroys friendships and it will choose your enemy for you automatically.

Clearly, politics plays a central role in our lives. The decision making is terrible in the fact that they argue a lot. Adults vote on everything. Adults vote on what the children learn at school and how they'll be taught. Adults vote on what people should eat and drink. Adults also vote on which people are allowed to be married. You see how we vote of all these things and don't get a chance to decide on politics. The only thing we get to decide on politics is our prime minister.

Countries around the world don't like politics either, instead they want to hear about the more fascinating things like sports or climate change just like us!!! Politics should be a very happy place to discuss what is going on in our country England and how we should be respectful to everybody. Good choices should be made in parliament but that doesn’t effect us.

This post was done by sociable_volcano and resilient_apple.

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  • Richmond-Hill-logo-250x250.jpg determined_artic_fox | Richmond Hill Academy
    31 Jan 2020

    I think politics are affecting people in terms of how they are managing the country or area,what they are changing and the descisive/indescisive decisions they make.I think this because it can affect peoples mood,opinion and lifestyle in a variety of ways such as weight gain,stretch marks,aspirations and what they think of their role model.There is a majority of reasons but politicians should accept what they get as well as appreciate people

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  • John-Ray-logo-250x250.jpg modest_donkey | John Ray Junior School
    04 Feb 2020

    I think that politics changes people’s lives. It makes people bored about the news and may even lead to them stopping listening or reading the news. Some decisions change our lives more than others, especially us leaving the EU. I think it’s important to vote for the best PM’s so that they can make the best decisions for our country.

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