How does democracy help the country and is it fair in the United Kingdom?

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Democracy is th way that we vote for a Prime Minister and how everyone in the country gets a say in how it is ran except for people under 18. Everyone gets to vote for a political party to lead the country which is now conservative who are the government . The other party are the opposition and the leader is the second placed party in the election. Then, in the House of Common, they debate and every MP gets to vote but how does this help in comparison to dictatorship and is it fair?

Democracy does help the country because it reduces cruel and vicious behaviour towards the Prime Minister and the government because the public have voted for them and they got a majority of votes compared to the other parties. Democratic countries are normally more successful countries that aren't democratic. Democracy means that countries look more at human development like health care, education and income. Most importantly, democracy guarantees human rights and have proper law. The Hong Kong crisis was the main example of this helping the country because, when we let Hong Kong have a democracy and be away from China, they were fine until China ( a nondemocratic country) were trying to take control of Hong Kong and they were under a way of life that they didn't enjoy and it became a crisis with rioting. This shows that a democracy is a lot better than dictatorship. But, according to, 57% of people think that democracy isn't fair so is democracy fair?

Some reasons for democracy being fair is that everyone votes for a political party and the majority wins so it is tough luck if yours doesn't win because the most people are happy. It is like voting on a competition for head boy or head girl at a school but it is more extreme.

On the other hand, after the general election, only MP's can vote on everything else, I think that everything should be taken through the House of Commons and then to the public, before it being carried out. Also, the age limit for voting at 18 isn't fair because under 18 year olds have political views and children have a longer life left than adults so our future is being controlled by adults and MP's.

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  • Hammond School logo excellent_brain | Hammond Junior School B
    29 Jan 2020

    Without democracy our country would be in ruins in most country's where there ruler is a dictator most of the civilians do not like them simply as that person can do anything without there country wanting to do that we're as in England the magority have picked that person so it's not there fault they were elected so people can accept the fact that the magority chose him/her not them also there are other things that like the money that the country makes is speed equally for people who are in need of it although it may not go directly to them it's for stuff like the NHS which is payed for through tax not people actually paying but the NHS is open for everyone so everyone has access to a health serves if ey are ill

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    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC
      excellent_brain's comment 29 Jan 2020

      Can you find any evidence for a dictator being unpopular in their country?

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  • Preston Manor School congenial_shark | Preston Manor School
    31 Jan 2020

    i agree as under 18s have become more into polotics as we have technology which makes our generation more knowledgable.

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