How democracy made the decision of brexit


This piece of artwork is about brexit and the form of democracy within. My artwork links to the concept because it connects to the fact that 52% of the people who voted wanted to leave and 48%wanted to stay. As a result, the U.K. have left the EU (this is the form of democracy). I have used the two colours red and blue because they are the opposite to each other. Another reason why I chose red for 'leave' is because red Is a stronger colour than blue and obviously 'leave'won the debate. My images represent that 'leave won the debate because more people voted for it to happen (democracy) and how the government didn't tamper with are decision. The one feature I've learnt about politics that I think everyone should appreciate is their massive responsibilit, politics need to discuss complex subject, set an example for us and other politics and more.

comment down an other ways of democracy you know

thanks for reading and hoped you enjoyed


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