How can power effect your life?

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As we all know, power can effect us in a good way and a bad way. Today I'm going to be talking about how power can effect you in a bad way.

Thinking you can take over the world

Sometimes, when you think of what power you could hold when you become Prime Minister, it could corupt your mind and make you want to be in control of everythind. This could effect the way you act, speak and think. This is why you shouldn't let power get to your head. Take President Donald Trump for example. He has been disrespecting other Persidents/Prime Ministers. The reason is most likely because power got to his head.

Wanting to create a rule that could be rasist.

Being corupted by the fact that you think you could take over the world is enough but on thing that I hope never happens is creating a rule that could be rsisit. It would be unfair for the other skin colours as they are the ones being targeted. Long, long ago, people with a dark skin colour wold have to sit at the back of a bus and people with a light skin colour would get to sit at he front of a bus. If there was no mor space for a light skind person to sit at the front, a dark sking would have to give up thier seat and stand. Do you think this is fair?! No! To be honist, I am very disapointed in the person that made that rule and I realy do hope that this never hapens in the future. Thank goodness Rose Apparks and Nulsen Mandella fought to det rid of this terrable rule!

Becoming spoild

Some peple are so spoild that even if thier parents spent almost all of thier money on the cat that they wanted for thier sweet 16, they would say they hate it! Letting power corupt your mind could make you spoild and this could pass on as a trate to your futer generation and I know we dont want that.

Thats all I have today.


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