Final piece artwork- Democracy

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In my artwork I tried to show democracy. To do this, I have drawn 3 different hands, that are voting for the party the want: Conservative, UKIP and Labour. However, you may notice that on the hands I have drawn patterns. When the patterns are different that would mean that they would have a another opinion on something. Whereas, if the hands had the same pattern that would mean that they would have the same opinion as the others. The colours I used were all differnt because I wanted to show that many people are unique in their own way, we are all our own person and we shouldn't change change who we are. In this artwork I tried to share a message, that everyone is beautiful no matter what.

I hoped you enjoyed reading don't forget to be yourself! upbeat_acorn

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg jolly_duck | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    14 Feb 2020

    You did really well on this post and I love the art, but it does sound fairly similar to talented_cookie. What does the sign of perfection mean? As you may know in this piece of art the hands are a really good way of performing what you mean, but why hands? With all due respect this was a really good post! Just had some question to ask about it. ~Jolly_duck…

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