Final Piece - Artwork

My key idea is 'Your Own Choice' and my key concept is Democracy.

I believe in equality and fair choice. I portrayed this in my artwork with the people. They are all different sizes but they all stand out. This is to show that everyone can vote for what they believe and they are all individuals. Every voice is heard. Every voice is taken into account. The globe portrays that everyone worldwide has a say on how the world is run.

I have used yellow for the people as it always looks similar to the last time it was used. This meant that the people looked similar, again showing equality. It is also a strong colour, showing that the people have power.

I have learnt that politicians are sometimes held to a high standard and some fail to reach it. I think people should know this because it could reduce the expectations laid on politicians, and therefore reduce the pressure and then they could make better decisions more freely.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this topic, thank you!

Also, thank you for reading!


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