Final Piece

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I have done stairs to represent the stages of different lives or people in the UK. I done the homeless first because they lose the right to vote when there homeless and I find that kind of sad.

Then I done kids because we have to wait until were 18 to make decisions, even for ourselves! But they still don’t have a lot of power.

Then teenagers because they are basically the same as kids. But when your 16 it changes a lot. Some stuff become legal for you to buy. But they are still not in

Adults can do thing for themselves. If they have kids, they have power over there kids. If they have a business they have power over there business.

Elderly’s are the same as adults but they have just a bit more power. Like Elderly’s have grandchildren which they have power over and their kids.

Teaching assistance and Teachers are basically the same. They look after the kids in school. And have power over them. But out of school they don’t.

Head Teachers have power over kids the teaching assistance and the teachers. But they still don’t have a lot of power.

The next representative is MP (member of parliament). They have control over people’s lives! They have way more power than all the others which is kind of disappointing.

I’m putting the queen and the houses of lords. 2nd because they don’t really make rules or act like they are in charge they all act like they are some of the most important who makes the rules. But even through all of that they still have a TON of power in the UK.

I’d put the prime minister as the most important because he makes all the rules the houses of parliament always listen to the MP.

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