Do The Best For The Country


My artwork is about there being a leader who has power over the other people below. The other people below are wanting the leader to do the right thing for not just themselves but everyone. For example if the leader was the Prime Minister and the people were the country then the people would want the Prime Minister to think about the country not just themself.

l have used the colour yellow for the big star (the leader) because when you look at my artwork the first thing you can see is a bright yellow star as it is an eye catching colour. I want it to be eye catching because when you look at a country you see the Prime Minister running it as a representive.

I used the colour blue for the the people because blue isn't a very powerful colour. I don't want it to be powerful as the people of the country don't represent and don't lead the country.

I would like the audience to feel sorry for the people and that there isn't a very good leader. This is because the people are begging for the leader to do the best thing for everyone.

If I had a name for my artwork it would be called 'Do The Best For The Country.'

By easygoing_butterfly

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