Do some politicians abuse their power?

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Do some politicians abuse their power?

As you may know, some politicians in history have abused their immense power, given to them by the constituency. It has been done in many ways. But, do some politicians still abuse that power? Or have some been given the second chance and have learnt from their mistakes?

Ray Blanton

Ray was Governor of Tennessee in the late 1970s. He accepted bribes to pardon criminals including 20 convicted murders. He had pardoned 52 criminals in total.

While he was in office, he fired the Chairman of the Board of Pardons and Paroles for refusing to release some prisoners he wanted to pardon.

When his time in office had nearly passed, one of Ray's friends informed state leaders that he was planning another round of pardons. They decided to find a way to stop him. They then discovered that the state constitution was not clear of the date of a new governor being sworn in, so they made the date three days early!

This is the kind of way that I believe some people have abused their power. In Ray's case, he has let out criminals and has made the nation less protected from thievery, murder, and more.

He has abused his power.

Who else has abused their power?

Humberto Benitez Treviño

Humberto was an Attorney General for Consumer Protection. Although he may not have been an official politician, he is still a good example of abuse of power.

His daughter went to a popular restaurant in Mexico City without a reservation. When the staff refused to give her the seat she wanted, she threatened to call her father and have the restaurant shut down.

It was shut down due to it's bad reservation system.

This is another example of abuse of power.

There are many other politicians that have abused ther power too.

Yes, some politicians have abused their power.

Not all have though.

Thank you for reading!

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