Do leaders control our lives?

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Leaders may control our lives because we think that they make rules to boss us.We might think that I really wanted to do these but because of these rules I can't do it.Sometimes we might even disagree with the leader because we think it might not be fair for others as that has happened before and thanks to Nelson Mandala, Rosa parks and many more.

As in the other way we think that leaders are made to keep us safe, active and in peace.Leaders also want us to get involved as we have elections for us to choose about what we think and we have community fairs and fund raising.We can also think leaders help us in to have a happier life.

My opinion:

I think that leaders don't control our lives but help us to improve it.For me they think the benifits of our future.Leaders have thought of making cancer supports so the ones with cancer don't feel left out,they've made NHS for us to be healthy and not going away without having fun in their life.We have libraries with activities for all ages and loads of leisure centres for all of us to be active.

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