Do I have the power?


By spirited_pear

My picture is about how MPs think they have so much power. However they really don’t because the people vote it is just the PMs speakingfor there country. People think that a PM has so much power for a coup of reasons 1. because you see them on tv,2. because they can go in the House of Commons,3. they debate to have there voices heard so all in all this is why people and the PMs them self’s think they have so much power. Eventhough PMs think they have so much power if they say it the majority of the country will believe them. So as I conclude really the people with the power is the people of the country.

We live in a democ country and that means not only the PMs get to talk but when you think about it we all do as we are the ones who are voting.

On the other hand out of all of us PMs do have the hardest job as they have to debate and look after the whole country. As well as the stress ,they have to know their facts because if they turn up and are just telling lies then now one will vote for them as they can not trust them to look after the country and make good decisions.

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