Democratic election


My artwork (above) is about a general election, acting as the key idea, and democracy, which is my key concept. These link together because a general election must always be done democratically to ensure that the party that does earn the most votes makes up the government, and that the leader of the party becomes the prime minister. What I mean by this is that whichever party wins, the others would accept it and just carry on. The way I have shown this in my artwork is by splitting it into three sections - to represent the political parties - and coloured one in to show that it was the winning party. Then I have drawn stickmen to represent the people that voted for other parties, but, like I said, they have accepted it and carried on.

The colour I have used for the winning party is red because, to me, red feels like a happy and joyous colour, so I thought it would be the best colour to go with something that has won. I have used rectangles and squares with an X inside to show the different votes that each party has earnt. I have used this because when a person votes, they normally have a rectangle or square sheet, where they put an X next to the party they want, so I took that idea and used it in my artwork.

Something that I have learnt about politics is that a politician does not always do the right thing so I think other people should know this so they know there are times they shouldn't always look up to politicians as role models and that not everything they do is okay. When people look at my art, I would want them to feel that there is democracy and things are being done fairly, so they know that England and the UK is a democratic country. I would call my artwork 'Democratic election' because, overall, that is what it represents.

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