Democracy - What is it and should we have it? & tasks.

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Everyone should have a say.

Democracy is where everyone has a say - a say on anything. But this is not always the case.

"a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives." < This, in my words means that a system, the government or all members of states.

1. Should we have democracy?

  • Of course, democracy gives us rights, which we still have today!
  • Politicians have it too, more info later on.

2. Any tasks I can do in school?

Of course, there is! Today, I actually did one today! We received politician cards, with a person and what they did. We had to decide if the person made a 'silly mistake' or a 'serious error'. In my opinion, this was a middle-level task - not to easy and not too hard.

The most disrespectful behavior I saw was Justin's, he put brown makeup on his face and body parts to look like he is another race. It was an Arabian Party - it seems. This was not just a serious error but VERY offensive.

Hazel Blears was another - she spent most of the government's money on furniture, a car and other stuff, the worst was it was not HER money. She was also a very important person.

  • I think the hardest to choose was Donald Trump's, he did not do anything wrong, it didn't hurt anyone BUT he didn't give people a say, he's also important. I still chose this as a silly mistake.

I hope I explained democracy and what I did about the issue, it was a quick post. Any questions? Comments!

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